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As a passionate entrepreneur I have seen ups and downs over the past 20 years. The meaning of success is very personal – however, the crucial question lying beneath is always „WHY?“

With the right team, anything is possible. Entrepreneurs are visionaries, leaders and team players - their task is to take people on a journey and inspire them to turn a vision into a joint mission.

I am passionate about sustainable and scalable business models that do good for society. That is why we founded Myra Security, which we have turned into a successful international technology company within just a few years.

The German Government, global companies and the European Central Bank use our technology to protect themselves against Internet threats. Every day and everywhere, millions of people unknowingly use digital infrastructure protected by Myra – you are likely to be one of them!

About me

Taking on challenges and exploring new territories is what makes me thrive: Scrutinizing the underlying causes. Creating pragmatic solutions. Taking the direct path.

I think it is important for entrepreneurs to be conscious of their responsibility because they can have an enormous impact on society. Fulfilling that responsibility requires strong values, courage and vision.

Entrepreneurial spirit to me means constantly questioning one´s approach, trying new things – and always getting back on your feet. Whatever the enterprise - people should always be at the center.


My aim is to build bridges and to shift attention towards relevant topics. It is important to generate momentum from dialogues so that words are turned into actions.

In our accelerated world, personal growth and development are essential. That is why I am in constant dialogue with experts, customers and other entrepreneurs – mostly, however, with my team.

As a public speaker and university teacher, I share my experience and get fresh perspectives from others. Bouncing ideas with tomorrow’s pioneers never ceases to inspire me.

Angel Investment

I love sponsoring new talents. Especially at the beginning, it is essential for fledgling entrepreneurs to get market traction quickly.

As an angel investor and mentor, I offer access to my network covering business, politics, media and investors. Lessons I have learned and doors I have opened can be very valuable.

I am interested in scalable and sustainable business models, particularly “Anything-as-a-Service”.


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